From the fun and laughter to those loved moments, capturing the emotions and vibes of wedding occasions is more than just clicking a camera. Wedding photography is the soothing melody of moments that can be relived for a lifetime.


With so many beautiful moments, the best wedding photographers know how to make the most out of it, capturing intimate and emotional moments, cute expressions, colorful celebrations, etc. And the photographs evoke the feelings felt on the day whenever you look back on them. They focus on how the couple would like to remember their precious day and create a story that brings the personalities and preferences of the bride and groom.


Are you browsing for the best wedding photographers in Calicut?


Calicut is a place with vibrant views and colorful locations that brings an elegant backdrop for your wedding story. The wedding photographers in Calicut make the most of the location and create a stunning wedding photoshoot experience.


Wedding photography is something each couple looks forward to and finding the best one you will get well with is a big deal. And we are here to make this process easier by providing a list of the top 7 wedding photographers in Calicut. Find the perfect one to capture your special day.


Bokeh Events

Bokeh events is a team of creative brains shaping the dots and thoughts of their customers to create a beautiful event experience. Guaranteeing to bring the personality and preferences revealed in each service they provide, they make your occasion unique and special. Bokeh Events has the best wedding photographers on their team, bringing creativity and originality in every snap.


They capture the moments rich in their essence to leave the emotions you can cherish forever. The team is passionate about meeting the needs of their clients and creating elegant frames with a creative touch in tune with the latest trends to exceed their expectations. Everyone deserves the best for their wedding, and Bokeh makes it a memorable one.


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Ivory Tusk 

Ivory Tusk, one of the top wedding photographers in Calicut, was started in 2017 and now creates wedding stories globally. They capture weddings of various cultures and religions and document a visual story full of its essence. Ivory Tusk has the best set of photographers and videographers, who are always in reach and touch with the clients, and listens to the needs and ideas for a better outcome.


The team makes people around them comfortable, treating them as a family so that couples can enjoy their big day, trusting that they will have the moments of their celebration that can be cherished forever. And the team also ensures client satisfaction.


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Melodia Events

Wedding photography isn’t just pointing and shooting. It is the memories of one of the special days in everyone’s life that give them the same feeling whenever they look back. As one of the best event management companies in Calicut, Melodia documents an amazing visual story of your big day, taking care of every detail. They customize their style and ensure to meet the imagination and expectations of their clients. Capturing emotions at unique angles, they bring you an art piece that takes you back to re-cherish the moments.


The team includes professional photographers and videographers bringing innovative themes and the latest technologies to create a wedding story you dreamed of. As a leading event management company, Melodia manages each aspect of your wedding to perfection and gives you a memorable experience.


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Artic Photography

A team of dedicated and passionate photographers and videographers, Artic captures the joyous moments of your wedding day to perfection. They have extensive experience in the field and offer an exclusive wedding story with an elegant backdrop. One of the best candid wedding photographers in Calicut, Artic specializes in candid wedding, pre-wedding shoots, engagement, bridal portraits, reception, and wedding photography. T


hey listen to your wedding photography and videography needs and desires and take care of all the creative and technical aspects of the shoot to bring the best in all possible ways. Creating a vibrant presence in the shoots, the team makes people around them comfortable. 


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Fogg Photography

A Calicut-based wedding photography and cinematography team, Fogg Photography offers the best wedding photography services according to your requirements and budget. As one of the top wedding photographers in Kozhikode, they bring the latest trends and innovative ideas to your wedding photoshoot to capture the beauty and emotions of your wedding with a professional touch. Their style is customer-oriented, and bringing a personalized approach to wedding shoots, the team exceeds their expectations.


They are well aware of the cultural, traditional, and personal aspects of each wedding and create an incredibly intimate, authentic, and emotional wedding story that gives the joy and fun of your special moments.


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Jain Kunnath Photography

Jain Kunnath Photography is one of the best wedding studios in Calicut, offering exclusive wedding photography and videography services for your precious day. Capturing real emotions and natural expressions of your wedding occasion, they weave an authentic wedding story to perfection. The team brings a personalized approach and offers high-quality services to their clients.


Creating a unique experience in blend with innovative ideas and the latest technology, Jain Kunnath documents a visual story that relives for a lifetime. They specialize in wedding, engagement, pre-wedding shoots, couple portraits, bridal portraits, Indian weddings, South Indian weddings, candid weddings, and reception photography, and provide services in Kerala and all over India.


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Maven Photography

Maven Photography is a team of the best photographers in Calicut. With more than a decade of experience in the field, they provide the best photography and videography services with a creative and professional touch. They work closely with the clients to understand their personalities and desires and provide them with customized solutions in the way they imagined.


They capture the vibes and emotions of a wedding occasion in the most heartfelt and unique way and document it for eternity. Well-equipped with the latest tools and technology and skilled professionals, they provide services in the best possible way. The team specializes in candid photography, traditional photography, cinematic videos, traditional videos, pre-wedding shoots, and albums.


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Creating a picture-perfect story of a wedding occasion you dreamed of is something you always wanted, and the best wedding photographers can make it a memorable experience. They capture the cultural, traditional, and personal aspects of the occasion to the fullest and weave a stunning visual story that always stays close to your heart. Just take your pick and cherish your precious moments for a lifetime.

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