Designing memorable, magical celebrations that truly reflect our personality and state our sense of style is really exciting. Experiencing a unique and unforgettable wedding occasion is what couples always wanted. Wedding planning is all about bringing this experience that you can cherish forever.


The out-of-the-box wedding planners in Kochi always strive to orchestrate an ono-of-a-kind approach to each wedding, no matter how luxurious or intimate the event is, as it is life’s most unforgettable celebration. Under the attentive eyes of wedding planning professionals, each couple can experience a timeless style and celebration. Their knack for perfection and the art of creativity and personalization always exceeds your expectations.


Are you looking for the perfect one who can make your wedding occasion the one to remember?


Here is the list of our top 10 wedding planners in Kochi. Just explore and find the perfect wedding planner who can plan and design your dream event the way you always wanted.


Shaadhi Wedding Management

Shaadhi Wedding Management is the best wedding planner in Kochi, assisting with the designing, planning, organizing, and execution of your wedding occasion. Established in 2010, with more than a decade of experience in the industry, they provide a focused approach to wedding planning. Weddings are a memorable experience for couples as well as families. And they always desire to experience the next level of wedding.


Shaadhi Wedding Management guides you in arranging your dream occasion and managing your requirements that meet the timeline. And more than that, they bring the traditions and cultures of your wedding in a new, innovative style to make it an astonishing and unforgettable day. The team believes in creative personal touches and the smallest details. And it helps them create flawless and unique wedding moments that last for a lifetime. 


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Melodia Events 

A leading event management company in Kochi, Melodia Events offers complete wedding planning services for your dream occasion. Bringing unique and innovative concepts, they make your wedding a special and memorable experience. The team works closely with the clients to understand what they desire and designs a well-structured idea with a personal touch. They cover all the aspects of your occasion with a professional approach and create bespoken weddings for each client. Their services include wedding photography & videography, groom & bridal wear, bridal make-up, wedding jewelry, decorators & florists, stage decorations, hall decorations, car decorations, wedding venue, bachelor parties, etc. 


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Unicorn Events and Wedding Planners

 A wedding is the most special event in anyone’s life, and Unicorn understands the desire of each couple to have a unique and stunning wedding experience. They have a great team helping you plan and execute your big day the way you want it to be. They work closely with their clients to understand what is in their minds and take care of each detail so your bid day will be just joyful. Bringing a creative and innovative approach to the planning and designing, the team makes your wedding occasion stand out from the conventional style.


Unicorn is a highly approachable team you can smoothly work with and will assist you through the details of your complete wedding planning, from engagement, sangeet, mehndi, wedding, and reception. Their services include wedding venues, design and décor, wedding cakes, photography and videography, music and entertainment, client consultation, logistic management, and invitation cards.


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Happy Event Day

A one-stop destination for all your wedding planning requirements, Happy Event Day is one of the top wedding planners in Kochi. From designing and planning to flawless execution, the team makes your wedding occasion a memorable experience. Each client has a style choice, and Happy Event Day showcases it in the most beautiful and heartfelt way possible. Bringing attention to every detail of your wedding, they execute it professionally so you can enjoy the fun with your guests without worries. The team always creates great experiences within the budget and exceeds their client’s expectations. Services Happy Event Day offers to include photography, videography, decorations, catering, entertainment programs, etc.


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EXA Weddings

A Kochi-based team of young and talented wedding planners, Exa Weddings designs your dream with their unique signature to make it a dream come true occasion. They walk with you, shoulder all the responsibilities, and ease your worries so you can trust and enjoy the process. Exa has an extensive experience in the industry, and they have created a high standard in wedding planning in Kochi. They cover every detail of your occasion and bring a perfect plan that is at its peak of success.


The team has expertise in budget planning, venue selection, décor, photography and videography, catering services, sweet delicacies, hospitality and travel, entertainments, bride and groom services, pre-wedding ceremonies, post-wedding ceremonies, honeymoon and beyond, bachelor/ bachelorette parties, wedding stationery, and wedding accessories. 


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Make My Day

Make My Day is a full-fledged wedding planning company in Ernakulam, executing your big day from the root level to the master class perfection. The team brings a customer-centric approach, and they design your wedding keeping in mind your budget and desires. They make your dream occasion an unforgettable experience that reflects your ideas and personal preferences.


Taking care of each aspect of your wedding, Make My Day ensures a flawless execution that exceeds your expectations. They specialize in the conceptualization of wedding themes and décor and manage all the arrangements, from invitations to executing stunning wedding experiences. By bringing a fresh, creative, and one-of-a-kind approach, the team ensures your special day is truly a dream come true. 


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Parinaya Wedding Management

Parinaya is the wedding management company of Impresario Event Management Ltd. Orchestrating a wedding occasion isn’t about selecting a venue, fixing caterers, making hotel arrangements, etc. There is a lot to consider, and team Parinaya can assist you, right from the beginning to the end, to create a stunning wedding you have always dreamed about. They make it an intimate experience that will remain in your memories forever. The team listens to your desires and requirements and plans according to what you expect within your budget. They make each event special and unique and the most personalized occasion that reflects your style, taste, and personality.


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Wishtree Weddings

Wishtree is one of the best wedding planners in Ernakulam, shaping your dreams and rendering perfect portraits to ‘make it happen and to make your wedding dreams come true.’ It is a part of Ergo Consulting and has made a strong foothold in the event industry by delivering impeccable quality wedding planning services. The team works with you and helps you visualize all the details of your dream wedding to the finest.


By creating a map charted with timelines and checklists, they cover all the aspects of your wedding and bring the best to execute a smooth process. Wishtree adds a personal touch and transforms your ideas and dreams into stunning designs to create a wedding experience as unique as you are. 


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Tamarind Weddings

A premium wedding planning company, Tamarind Weddings offers exceptional wedding planning services in Kochi to plan your dream wedding. With extensive experience in the industry and broad exposure to the world, the team has a deep understanding of how to execute an occasion while keeping its grandeur and sanctity. An Indian wedding isn’t only about the decor and work; it is about the family, celebrations of your very dear ones, emotions, etc. And Tamarind offers personalized suggestions based on your preferences to design an occasion to tell the world about your love and togetherness.


They can manage all the aspects of your wedding, from budgeting to ferrying guests back and forth; they will assist you in each step to make it more enjoyable. The services offered by Tamarind Weddings include wedding venues, design and décor, invitation cards, hospitality, designer cakes, transportation, destination weddings, wedding videography, wedding photography, entertainment, wedding favors, and website social media.


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The Wedding Tale

Wedding planning is a lot of affairs. It involves planning, budgeting, decision-making, managing, organizing, and so much more. It is really a stressful process, and The Wedding Tale is a one-stop destination for your wedding planning and execution. A Kochi-based team, The Wedding Tale has highly talented and committed professionals who can transform your dream of a magical royal wedding into reality. They customize their services according to your needs and budget and bring a personal touch to make it a unique occasion. The team takes care of all the details and provides the best-in-class services, including wedding management, décor, catering, photography and videography, venue, and entertainment. 


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Designing personalized weddings that reflect the essence of traditions, cultures, and other elements of the occasion in a creative and innovative style is what these wedding planners offer, and that helps them set a high standard and stand out in the wedding planning industry. They create authentic weddings to perfection that you can cherish for a lifetime. Plan your wedding with the best wedding planners and make it a most special and unique experience. 

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