The event industry is booming with different types of events, from grand weddings and corporate events to small business meetings. To make an event, bringing together all aspects of it to perfection needs a lot of work. 


Designing and executing an innovative, stage-stealing event experience that creates a lasting impression on guests is something that we have always wanted. And the best event management companies have mastered creating unique concepts and memorable experiences that set the bar high each time. They can make your occasion dynamic and engage the way you imagined. Bringing creative themes, innovative ideas, and brilliant execution for each event, the best event management team creates a magic event that stands out. 


There are so many event management providers around you, offering customized services for all kinds of events, but winding up with the right one best suited for you is often challenging. Here we provide a list of the top 7 event management companies in Calicut providing exceptional event solutions to make your occasion memorable. They work behind creating small and large-scale events and coordinate all aspects of it with excellent professionalism. 


Feira Events 

Feira Events is an experienced and dedicated event designing company that organizes upbeat, vibrant, and colorful events. It is one of the best event management companies in Calicut, specializing in corporate functions, weddings, etc. Strengthened by a team of expert event planners, creative designers, decorators, chefs, camera crew, makeup artists, costume designers, etc.,


Feira brings off-beat ideas that allow you to stand out. The team emphasizes even the smallest details and creates bespoken events to perfection. By bringing the newest trends in events to life with an unmatched level of inspiration, innovation, and imagination, they always go above and beyond customer expectations, and it makes them the best in the industry.


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Melodia Events

A leading event management company having operations in Kochi, Palakkad, Thrissur, and Calicut, Melodia Events offers the best event management services around Kerala. They are the best in creating elegant corporate, commercial, and cultural event experiences. Bringing innovative, unique, and cost-effective concepts to your occasion by analyzing the objectives and audience, they design a well-structured event experience that showcases the idea. With experts in the field, Melodia covers all the details of your occasion, from identifying the purpose and planning to execution, with excellent professionalism. They bring a customer-centric approach and provide a wide range of choices for decoratives, venues, etc.


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Team Endeavours

One of the trustworthy names in event management in Calicut, Team Endeavours offers an enjoyable event experience for their customers that can be cherished for all time. Providing the best event management services by bringing off-beat ideas and innovations, they make your occasion more special and memorable.


The team specializes in event management, event planning, wedding planning, corporate events, space management, stage design, venue decor, light design, advertisement, creative designing, entertaining programs, stage shows, celebrity management, celebrity shows, traditional shows, private party, launching ceremony, brand promotions, inaugural ceremony, etc., and cover all the arrangements with a professional touch. They provide customized services that fit your budget and ensure customer satisfaction so that you can enjoy the process and experience your dream event.


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Highly regarded as one of the best event management providers in Kozhikode, Tempomic delivers fantastic event experiences to its clients. The team specializes in conducting weddings, receptions, seminars, cultural & art festivals, and other festivals. By bringing a customer-centric approach to everything they do, Tempomic ensures customer satisfaction. And also help you cover even small details of your occasion so that you can leave the worries related to managing your event. Providing high-quality services with a professional touch, they allow you to show up and stand out from others. The company aims to deliver event experiences designed to your imagination to bring a memorable occasion you can cherish forever. 


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Frisco Evento

A passionate team of professionals, Frisco Evento organizes all types of corporate, personal, and public events to perfection. With proper planning and excellent execution, the team transforms your dream event into reality. They focus on the objectives and work closely with their customers to ensure smooth and impressive progress. By bringing innovative and creative ideas, they create a wonderful experience to cherish the moments to their best. The attention to simple details, scheduling perfect timelines, and excellent project management skills ensure the result is the best to create an immense impact within your budget. Each event needs a unique approach, and Frisco Evento craves a great experience with its essence. 


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My Gramin 

A leading event management company, My Gramin provides the best event management services in Calicut that go beyond customer expectations. They offer services for corporate events, celebration events, wedding events, and personal events and help their customers create a unique experience their guests can enjoy. By bringing a customer-centric approach, they design each event tailored to fit into individual parameters, thus ensuring customer satisfaction. My Gramin has a team of experts offering services including decoration, photography, venue, luxury vehicles, beautician services, etc. They make sure that each event provides an inspiring and engaging experience to their customers to achieve exceptional results. 


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Executive Events

Executive Events has been a trustworthy name in the industry since its establishment on 2009. Bringing customer-centricity to their core and giving prime importance to high-quality goods and services, the team ensures unique and positive customer experiences. They take time to listen to their clients and create well-organized experiences to meet client requirements within their budget. They have extensive experience in managing corporate and product-based events, medical, scientific, and industrial conferences, seminars, weddings, private parties, theme parties, etc. Executive Events holds the unmatched expertise and professionalism to guarantee a personalized service, taking care of all aspects of your events. 


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Bringing together all aspects and elements of an event to perfection is a big deal, and event management companies with experts in planning and organizing an event can provide relevant skills for planning, designing, and management of your event. Top event management companies in Calicut can host an event that satisfies the expectations and imagination of customers. The list here helps you choose the best fit for you.


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