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  • Eligibility

    Your agreement with us will is valid in the following circumstances:
    a) Rightfully enters into our agreement, aware of its terms and conditions
    b) Agrees to abide by the national, domestic, and international statues and ordinances concerning
    the website

  • Term

    The agreement has full valid from the moment you agree with the terms. We have sole
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  • User content

    We do not claim any right for the content that you post or upload in our website. Our content is
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  • Prohibited activity

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  • Copyright policy

    You hold no right to modify, distribute or reproduce any content of our website without our
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  • User disputes

    We do not hold any responsibility for the disputes that may arise between the users. We also
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  • Privacy

    Our website usage is governed by our privacy policy located in the privacy section of this

  • Disclaimer of warranties

    We provide our services without representations or warranties. We do not offer any kind of
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  • Limitation of liability

    We or any of our affiliates are responsible to be liable to you or any third party for any direct or
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  • International use

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  • Disputes

         Incase of any disputes arising with the website use, you agree to go in par with the state
government laws.

  • Indemnity

    You agree to indemnify and not accuse EventsDo or any other concerned party against damages,
    obligations, loss, liabilities, or cost arising out of violation with this agreement.

  • Waiver and severability

    In case of any failure from our behalf to enforce any provision of this agreement is not a waiver
    to the right or provision.

  • Statute of limitations

    You agree that any action arising out of website use will be filed within 1 year. Anything filed
    after will be barred legally.

  • Violations

    Please feel free to contact and notify us on any instances of violations.