Top 10 Event Management Companies in Trivandrum

Tired of hosting weddings, parties and anniversaries? Feeling burnout with the stress? Take our cue, and enlist a professional event planner for your big days. Take our word for event management planners. They can execute your dreams to near perfection. From our own experience, no one can execute plans as meticulously as event planners. Flawless execution and hassle-free approach!! What’s more to wish while organizing events?


It’s not laborious to find an event management company or freelance event planners. There are hundreds in the market and choosing the right one is quite tedious.

The preferences of Trivandrum are shifting fast placidly. Event Management planners are coming more into the scene these days. To be exact, Event management planners have become quite abundant in Trivandrum.


We advise strongly of a thorough review before shortlisting one. We have compiled a list of things to consider before choosing one.

  • Their expertise in the industry
  • Their range of services
  • What things are inclusive in the fee quoted?
  • The staff designated for the big day
  • Their expertise in software and technology
  • Cancellation and refund policy

Still not sure of the expert event management planners in Trivandrum? Check out the list below for the top 10 event management planners in Trivandrum. (Order of listing is purely random)


  1. Infinity Events and Weddings

Infinity boasts experience of 15+ years and working with over 2000 events. Impressed with their expertise already? Infinity Events encompasses a horde of seasoned professionals who can conduct your events to 100% efficiency. They have a huge portfolio of memorable and applause-worthy events which can further attest their proficiency.


You can contact them here: Contact now


  1. Executive Events

Executive Events is the best event planner in Trivandrum who can plan all types of events meticulously.  Check out their site for various client testimonials to know their expertise in event planning. Executive Events can help you organize product based events, medical and scientific events and even industrial conferences. Not every event planner has expertise in these niches. That’s why Executive Events is Top 2 on our list.


You can contact them here: Contact now


  1. Absolute Brand Circle

                  One of the best event management planners in Trivandrum, Absolute Brand Circle is obsessed with perfection. You cannot blame this one obsession of theirs when they deliver quality services. The prime asset of Absolute Brand Circle is their creative team. Speak your dreams and trust them to turn those to actions!!


You can contact them here: Contact now


  1. Events IQ

               Events IQ have the highest IQ for event management. They boast of occupying the top-notch spot for event management. The most attractive feature of these event planners is their spontaneity and efficacy in the delivery of their work. Trust them for upbeat ideas that can deliver flawless events.


You can contact them here: Contact now


  1. 3rd Degree Events

                   Numerous testimonials online can vouch for their efficacy and credibility. This high profile event management planners are one of the top rated in the industry. 3rd Degree Events can work even in tiring scenarios with a smile.  3rd Degree Events believes in something beyond coordination. They strive to deliver flawless results with a blend of creativity, imagination, innovation and much more.


You can contact them here: Contact now

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  1. Happy Weddings

                   Entrust this wedding specialist, your events, to turn them memorable.  Conducting more than 600 weddings, these event planners have become a pro in wedding event planning. Boasting of a sincere hardworking team of 120+ people, these people can assure elegance and class at your weddings.


You can contact them here: Contact now


  1. Raldia Events

                Zestful and dedicated professionals!! That’s what Raldia is all about. These event planners can host your events at reasonable prices. Their strategic and original approach has already enticed their customers. Raldia strives only for one singular objective- customer satisfaction!!


You can contact them here: Contact now


  1. Fairytales Event Management

                On the lookout for budget planners for events? Fairytales Event Management is your one-stop destination.  Though a small venture, Fairytale weddings already have a decent base of satisfied customers. Hosting more than 4875 events of different facets, Fairy tales is fastly reaching their foothold in the market. Follow your cues if you’re looking for a “budget wedding specialist”.


You can contact them here: Contact now


  1. Wedding Company

                    Budget specialist wedding planners who have a great organization and time management skills. You will be surely awestruck with their perfection in planning and quality services with such a low budget. A great professional team indeed!!


You can contact them here: Contact now

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  1. Prime Weddings and Events

The ideal choice for all your event needs. Prime Weddings and Events can deliver customized events as per the expectations of customers. Looking someone great to work with? Someone who values your opinions and ideas? Prime Weddings and Events is the prime choice!!


You can contact them here: Contact now

If you need further assistance to find the right event planners, please feel free to contact us.

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