Your wedding planning probably has already begun, so you are well aware of how much work it requires. A professional planner can save you a considerable amount of time and effort. However, hiring the best event management company Trivandrum can seem like a full-time job in and of itself. It is possible for you to feel overwhelmed with all the research you have to do, the questions you need to ask, and the contracts that need to be signed.


For those who are worried about hiring the wrong person for the job, here’s a simple step-by-step guide that outlines how to find a wedding planner. Take a look at this simple checklist of things you need to do in order to hire a Weddings and Events planner in Trivandrum you’ll want to work with after the wedding.

Check out local wedding planners

You can narrow down your options by looking at the websites of prospective planners for photos of recent weddings they’ve planned. If you’re going through wedding photos, make sure to pay attention to elements (like colors, décor, and lighting) and if you notice a common theme. If all the weddings they’ve planned look over-the-top and glamorous and you want a small, intimate gathering, they may not be the right wedding planners in Trivandrum for you. 


Check to see if any of your list planners are specialists in the locale where your wedding will take place. You can also find out what kinds of planning services they offer, clients they’ve worked with, and if they’re members of professional organizations (like the Association of Bridal Consultants).

Stay up to date with your favorites

Then call the three or four top choices to make sure they can offer the following: wedding date availability, the planning services offered, and the cost. You can schedule appointments with them if their answers fit your budget and your vision.

Prepare for the first meeting

It can be helpful to bring magazine clippings, photos, Pinterest picks, and inspiration boards when you meet with top event planners in Trivandrum. Ask the wedding planner as many questions as you need to get all the information you require during your meeting. You should pay attention to their personalities as well as how they answer your questions. Will you be able to work closely with this person for a long period of time? Your planner should be eager to listen to your suggestions about colors and styles. Tell them what you like and how you want your plan to look.

Organize your thoughts

You should take a few moments after your interview to collect your thoughts. It’s important to ask yourself: Did your personality and those of your partner align with the planner? Are you confident you can work together? In addition to being a competent planner, does the planner seem like someone who is also supportive of you during a stressful time (after all, planning a wedding can be the most stressful event of your life)? After you have asked the questions, make sure you research the planner/company you are interviewing. You should also compare their answers to those given by other planners you have interviewed.

Get in touch with their references

Hire a planner you like, but don’t feel obligated to do so right away. Contact their references and ask the following questions of the planner and his/her team:


What was their adherence to your budget like?


Is it possible for you to send me photos from your wedding? (You can confirm the professionalism and consistency of the wedding by reviewing the planner’s portfolios. They usually show their best work, and of course, they’ll provide references of other couples who were happy with their work, so you can look online for other real weddings they’ve done.)

What do you think of their interpretation of your ideas?


Do you think the wedding’s style was exactly what you wanted?


Can you tell me more about the services they provided for you (guest list, vendor meetings, setup, etc.)?


Were they able to coordinate with other professionals and get good vendor recommendations?


Are they quick to respond to your calls or emails, and are they pleasant to work with?


According to your guests, was the wedding a success?


Was there anything that went wrong, and how did they resolve it?

Sign and seal the deal

Ensure you compare and contrast prices, impressions, notes, and official proposals if they are offered. A wedding planner might draft a proposal with their overall vision for your wedding and what services they intend to offer, which would then serve as the basis for your marriage contract. You should contact your favorite planner as soon as you’ve decided to hire him or her so that you can receive a contract. The best wedding planners in Trivandrum are officially hired as soon as you’ve signed the contract and made the deposit. Congrats!


Hire an expert


When you have completed your research, conducted your interviews, and compared your options, it is time to begin the planning journey as a team. In the coming weeks, you’ll be able to choose your wedding dress and bridal shoes, some of the more exciting aspects of your wedding planning!


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