We believe that every bride needs some assistance in planning her wedding, as it is a challenging process. This can be accomplished through a wedding planner or by a team of bridesmaids (with the bride at the helm!). However, how can you determine which strategy is right for you? Is it really necessary to hire a wedding planner? This is one of the first questions brides usually ask, particularly when they see the planner’s hourly rate. Following naturally, the question arises: Is planning a wedding on your own really that hard? The answer depends. In case you and your spouse-to-be work full-time jobs, don’t want to take on all the wedding preparations yourselves, or have no idea what you want your big day to look like, a wedding planner is likely the right choice. Another type of couple enjoys the process and is highly resilient to stress as they navigate this new territory together.


Here are a few factors to consider if you are on the fence about getting a top event planning company. By answering yes (hire one!) or no (don’t hire one) to the majority of the following questions, you should be able to discern where you stand. However, it can be overwhelming to carry out all of the details (especially if you’re planning a large party or a destination fête) on your own, which is why we generally recommend hiring a top event management company to handle it for you. Do not forget that hiring a wedding planner does not imply that you give up your authority. You do not require this expert to help with every aspect of your wedding. You can offer partial packages (with lower prices!) so that specific jobs can be assigned out while other jobs can be done by yourself.


You can use this guide to determine whether or not a wedding planner is right for you.


1. Budget concerns are bothering you

One of the greatest benefits of hiring a wedding planner involves financial planning beyond defusing pre-wedding stress. Choosing a planner will add to the cost of the wedding, but they will be able to help you navigate (and negotiate!) other high-cost vendors, such as a venue, caterer, and florist. What could be better? If they’ve been in the business for a long time, you may benefit financially from their insider connections. Feel free to handle this part on your own if you’re an excellent money manager with a passion for spreadsheets (and you are extremely diligent about reading the fine print).

2. Having a destination wedding is on your mind

It is one thing to get married an hour or two away from home. But what if you’re going halfway across the world to tie the knot in a foreign country? In those situations, you will require the services of a planner who specializes in overseas celebrations. Finally, you’ll have to negotiate with vendors in different countries with a variety of rules (every country is different!) and currencies. Consider hiring the best wedding planners in Trivandrum to take the lead instead of approaching the project on your own. You’ll save yourself a lot of headaches (and international calls). Is there an exception to this rule? It would be best if you and your partner are citizens of the country where you will be getting married. You would then understand the cultural and financial norms of the country.

3. Your full-time job takes a lot of your time

Likewise, your fiancee does. It doesn’t take long to realize that planning a wedding is a full-time job in and of itself, which is why, in many cases, it makes sense to turn over most of the work to someone who has made bringing weddings to life their actual job. A planner might not be necessary for you or your significant other if you are currently taking time off from work. Instead, you want to handle the bulk of the preparations yourself. 

4. Your vision of the wedding day is unclear

Generally, your event designer is responsible for the majority of your decor, but plenty of planners make both planning and designing their specialties. If nothing else, they’ll be able to help you develop your big day vision, the best event management company Trivandrum can find that sweet spot between rustic meets contemporary meets traditional in your Pinterest board. Do you have an idea of the vibe and layout of the big day? You are free to skip the planner and contact your designer instead.

5. Contracts with vendors are not clear to you

Some of the paperwork you’ll have to handle looks as if it requires a law degree to comprehend. The vast majority of weddings don’t involve a lot of vendors (usually). But in case it did, many vendor contracts would result. Having a planner by your side will mean you don’t get slapped with unexpected fees you weren’t expecting. Maybe you aren’t qualified for certain services.

6. The Wedding Planning Process Impacts Your Relationships

If planning your wedding leaves you overstretched, you should consider getting reinforcements, especially if your fiancé, bridesmaids, or mom are proving to be tough targets. The stress of pre-wedding planning is normal regardless of whether you hire a wedding planner or not. While both the above criteria and the following criteria are useful when choosing between hiring a planner or going it alone, we believe that this (your mental health!) is the most important factor.

Hire an expert

Planning a wedding requires extensive training, expertise in the industry, and a great deal of dedication to ensure everything runs smoothly; only an experienced professional can guarantee perfect results. Wedding planners don’t just plan, coordinate, and manage wedding details, they also design and style the wedding to fit your style and offer advice at every turn!


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