Your wedding reception takes up a large portion of your wedding day. In the evening, it will be the “social” time, and your guests will be looking forward to eating, drinking, and dancing. You must choose carefully when selecting the caterer for the wedding. Your guests will remember two things: the quality of the food and the service. Catering prices that fit your budget are ideal well as both being impeccable.


The best way to ensure everyone has a great time at your wedding reception is to choose the best catering services in Trivandrum. It’s also important to get excellent value for your money. When you work with a caterer with who you “click”, you can be assured that your event will be a great success. If you are hiring a party catering service in Trivandrum for your wedding, channel your inner Donald Trump and negotiate for the best deal. Keep in mind that you are the boss.

What should you consider when choosing a caterer for your wedding?

A wedding day is guaranteed to be a happy one, and high-quality wedding catering can make it one of the yummiest as well. We all know that food is a highlight of any event, and that is no different at a wedding. The guests are undoubtedly there to celebrate the union of the happy couple, but that does not diminish your responsibility to thank them for coming with delicious food. Choosing a caterer for your wedding can be a challenge. Here are four tips to help you find the perfect wedding catering services.


The following tips will help you choose a wedding caterer that’s just right for you.

Caterers experience is important

Catering for an outdoor barbecue might not be the best choice for a caterer who specializes in elegant, black-tie affairs. To hire the right caterer, you must have experience with the type of event you are planning. Don’t automatically hire a provider that you have worked with previously for a different event. Speak with them about your needs and also ask for proposals from other caterers who have demonstrated experience in the type of event you are planning. Catering companies that wish to keep you as customers should tell you if they are unable to provide the kind of menu you desire. 


There are typically standard menu options available to customers when ordering from a caterer. Make sure that the menus are current and reflect the latest trends in food and beverages. Find out what options a caterer may have; flexibility is important when searching for a caterer who will deliver your event according to your expectations.

Determine your budget

You’ll first need to determine your budget before you can start your search seriously. Set your budget from there after doing some preliminary research to see what a typical wedding caterer costs in your area. When interviewing wedding caterers, make sure to ask what’s included in their fee-does the caterer provide table linens, menu design, and service, for example. You should tell the event management & catering services in Trivandrum your budget limitations in order for them to help create a package that suits your needs.

Ask about the price per head

Catering companies will want to know how many people will be attending your wedding and give you an approximate price per person based on the dishes you choose. If you serve chicken and fish, for instance, the cost per head would be lower than if you served steak and shrimp. Obtain information on the price per head from your caterer and how this varies based on the type of food you order.

Decide on a style

Catering companies usually offer three different serving styles: a full-service meal, a buffet, and a food station. Ask about each one and find out how much it costs per person. You might consider food stations if you had your heart set on a full-service meal, but it’s way out of your budget.


A dining style may be more suitable for your budget than another depending on the size of your family. Considering that there are a variety of wedding menu options, including butler-passed hors d’oeuvres and cocktail hour, plated sit-down dinners, tasting menus, and buffets, among others. This will also help you narrow down potential caterers quite a bit faster since you’ll know how much money you have and what style you want.

Ask when you need to book in advance

Catering companies are busy, and their schedules fill up fast. To ensure that the caterer you choose is available for your wedding, ask the caterers you interview how early you should book. Some caterers may be already booked on your wedding date, so they aren’t in the running.

Search early to ensure availability

Start looking for caterers after you’ve determined your budget and know more or less what type of catering you’re looking for. Catering services are often booked many months in advance, so securing a caterer for your date and time should be a high priority.

Ask your venue for suggestions

A great way to start your search for a wedding caterer is to contact your venue, as most venues can provide preference lists of preferred vendors. However, if none of the caterers on the list appeal to you, you may want to ask your venue if they have any requirements for caterers on their property. Before allowing a caterer to work on a venue’s property, many venues will review and approve the caterer, often requiring proof of licenses or certificates. 

Packages / Offers for Weddings

As soon as you determine how much you are willing to spend for your wedding, you can begin your search for the perfect catering service. There are many wedding packages out there that offer more than just food services. As part of a basic package, you may receive a photo, video, event styling, and other amenities such as a pair of doves, a registration table, and a red carpet.  Some of the more comprehensive or premium wedding packages include more elegant fixtures and amenities such as Tiffany and crystal chairs, flower arrangements, and sound and lighting systems.

Hire an expert

When choosing a caterer, keep in mind that you are hiring them to provide food, beverage, and service. This includes both the service you receive as a client as well as the service your guests will receive at the event. A restaurant’s wait staff is beyond your control, but you have control over the type of staff that will serve the food at your event. Find out how many servers there are, how many have worked events similar to yours, and how many staff are supervisors.

You will have more time for other wedding-related matters if your caterer provides more than just food service.


Do you have a wedding coming up? Schedule a tasting session today! You can count on us to create a menu tailored to your needs and budget. There can be no doubt that catering has an important role to play in any wedding. In case you’re looking for a professional wedding catering service in Trivandrum, we’ve got you covered.


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There can be no doubt that catering has an important role to play in any wedding. In case you’re looking for a professional wedding catering service in Trivandrum, we’ve got you covered. During the most memorable moments of your life on your perfect day, we offer the best event catering services to make your wedding rememberable.


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