Having a wedding planner for everything involved in planning your wedding is a must! To ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly, you should hire a professional and certified Destination Wedding Planner! It is an extremely difficult task to organize a wedding from abroad, and you don’t need this much stress! Several brides have expressed an interest in planning their weddings. You do have to let the best wedding planners in Thrissur handle the work they are trained to do so you can enjoy your special day! 


1. Time-zone and time

When planning a destination wedding, it can take up to two times as long as planning a conventional wedding. Modern society understands how busy people are with their jobs and personal lives. Organizing a destination wedding will take quite a bit of effort. Take into consideration the time difference! Different time zones can confuse. If you have a ten-hour time difference when you are planning a wedding, you are not going to stay up to answer emails and keep in touch! You will have work to do. You will have a slower time planning a wedding. Having the top event planners in Thrissur on your side can help you get results faster since they are trained and well connected.


Planning a wedding will significantly simplify the process and allow you to spend less time and effort on it. The process begins with identifying venues that meet your vision and extends to coordinating, even attending meetings on your behalf. While the wedding planner handles all the details, you can relax and enjoy the city with your friends and family when you arrive at your location. You must spend quality time with your guests since they traveled so far to be part of your special day. When you allow your planner to draft up a schedule that maximizes your free time upon arriving, you can enjoy your wedding and have confidence that the day itself will run smoothly! 

2. All the legal & boring stuff

While planning their wedding abroad, couples face the most challenging aspect of understanding all the legal obligations that they need to fulfill. You have to fill out a lot of paperwork to ensure a legal ceremony. This paperwork can be confusing to fill out and process. With a certified destination wedding planner, you can get through it more efficiently since they will know of this.


They can guide you through the process step by step. If you are getting married at a specific destination location, a representative will tell you which types of documents you need and when you need them. The wedding planners will be able to communicate easily with the local town halls and can work closely with you to ensure that you know how to go about getting your marriage certificate after the wedding has taken place. You can count on us! 

3. Local vendor connections

Having a wedding planner means you’ll gain access to all the amazing vendor connections they have. Your budget isn’t an issue with them since they can find the best vendors! In addition to contacts, they may also give you a list of wedding vendors depending on your wedding package! Wedding planners may seem like a great source for you since they can provide a luxury service for all of your wedding needs.


They will also save you time and ensure that you are stress-free on your special day. A good wedding planner will use only reputable wedding suppliers and vendors. These suppliers tend to be trustworthy! This will provide you with a list of options! As soon as they have selected these suppliers, they will be capable of communicating more effectively with them.

4. Creative designer 

Destination weddings don’t mean you should ignore the decor process. It’s not necessary to be boring. We still need to add a little to this, even though a lot of your decor and ambiance will come from the view. An experienced wedding planner can be your creative designer! You provide us with ideas, themes, and Pinterest boards, and we turn them into memorable events. Your vision is to have fresh floral arrangements adorning each table and elegantly falling to the ground, but you have no idea how to accomplish it! Regardless of your vision, your Wedding Designer will help you achieve it! 

5. Money, money, money

Despite what you may think, hiring a wedding planner can save you money at the end of the day! Many planners have established good working relationships with suppliers and are confident negotiating rates with them. It is as simple as giving them your budget and they will work within it. Make sure your budget is reasonable! As well as helping you set a budget and sticking to it, an experienced wedding planner will be able to find you alternative solutions when and where needed.

6. Focus on your vision

The wedding planner will help you define the style, the humor, and the emotions that you want on your special day, regardless of whether you know exactly what you want. The latest trends are known to them, and they are continually inspired by other brides, industries, and suppliers.

7. Crisis handling

Everybody goes a little crazy during weddings. That’s just a fact of life. Your wedding planner’s job will be to assist you in avoiding unnecessary conflicts so that you and your family do not have to suffer unnecessary stress. However, if you and your mother are disagreeing with the linens (it’s not crazy – it’s normal), your wedding planner will know exactly what to say to soften things up.

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