How to Plan an Event in Bangalore

Planning an event doesn’t come without its challenges. These challenges, in our experience, can be solved by implementing some easy planning tips. This can change the way you look at events from something hectic to a wonderful memory that lasts for decades.

Design is a must!

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Event designs will have a great impact on how they perceive your event. Even just the shape, texture, smell and colour of the design elements of your event can evoke the right mood in your audience. Your event’s design should be something attendees enjoy seeing as they walk through the front entrance each day. After all, their ideas can help you understand what will appeal to everyone from the beginning.

Create “Wow” Moments in events

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The audience always loves surprises, so why don’t we make their time worthwhile and memorable by showing some extraordinary that can only happen at your event. It can be simple remembered, say incorporating games and other fun activities. Fun is a must: It’s often the way the spirit of the audience and the event come to life.

Food is of top priority

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Believe it or not, food is usually near the top of the list of what live event attendees remember. Encouraging your attendees to sit down and talk over a shared meal fosters networking and connection better than anything else. If food makes it to your post-survey, it should at least be for good reasons. It can be pizza, chips or anything that is not as nutritious as your parents would hope.

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Know your audience


An event is successful when it identifies and highlights a single, strong message. Even an event without expensive staging or a celebrity can be engaging if there is crystal clear and focused message that resonates with your audience.

It should effectively is to curate every touchpoint at the convention — making the audience feel more alive. Engaging with them and making every contact count. Including a small interactive session and encourage pre-event communication, the event itself, post-event communications, and follow-up surveys should all be impactful.
These kinds of conversations are energizing. They create memories and often light a fire that leads to innovative solutions and ideas.

In simple words:
Make it an event that really reflects your audience’s needs and priorities.

Identifying the ROI of Your Event

event investment

The proper balance sheet on where and when money is spent should be maintained. How much return can be expected from the event? Let’s be honest here, it is not a charity business. Everything you do should be calculative and should be in risk tolerance zone or else you will never know when it will bleed you out!
The key is to use targeted post-event survey tools. Find a Planning Committee; you should know how confident they are in the strategic planning and how clearly they understand the organization’s direction. It should definitely address the needs. These committee members can offer ideas about how to improve your return, basically how to improve your growth in the business.

Separate teams for the following are necessary.

  • Sponsors
  • Stage/ Decoration
  • Publicity
  • Supports
  • Volunteer Administration

Make a balanced environment

community events

It is obvious that every attendee will be of different ages, background, profession. They will have a different way of thinking and enjoying things. So the event planner should make sure that everyone gets what they intended to. Make them engaged and possibly talk with them personally and relate to them so they feel home or at least they shouldn’t feel left out.

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Speech time 😉


It is said that 74% of people have fear of public speaking (and at least another 16% are lying… ). Ask the speakers to tell a story rather than just presenting graphs or whatever that comes to their mind. If there is a presentation then don’t forget to let your speakers know the correct format they should use to create their visual presentations. Creating a presentation in the wrong size or program can cause headaches and disengage your audience.

To conclude, just make sure you try to make it an experience and indulged into the needs of your attendees. Plan an event where everyone wants to attend and participate.

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