The event marketing industry is booming. A growing number of companies plan events to increase brand awareness, attract more leads, close more deals, strengthen customer loyalty, and acquire more brand ambassadors. The Harvard Business Review research reports state that “corporations host or sponsor events ranging from small customer meetings to large conferences or industry trade shows as an important component of their marketing strategy.” 


If you’re one of those companies or brands that understand the real value of event marketing, congratulations. As a result of your extra effort, you’re one step ahead of your competition. The extra effort you put into connecting with your audience will result in improved results. Organizing an event usually involves a substantial amount of stress, however. You can’t deny it: Whether you’re in charge of running a small or large event, logistics can make things pretty difficult. Assuming your event planning agency does not have an in-house event planning team, you probably delegate event planning duties to your marketing department or other employees who do not have the experience or background needed to carry out these tasks effectively. 


This can lead to stress overload and poor event execution, so you will not achieve the results you expect. It is recommended that you hire the best event management company to avoid this hassle. The business or brand development agency can be one of the best investments you make to grow your business or brand, even if it’s not exactly a stress-free task. 


We’ve compiled a list of recommendations you should consider when choosing an event planning agency

Determine your needs

Do you find it difficult to plan logistics? Have you faced any management problems during the event? Do you find it difficult to effectively promote your event on social media? Are you unable to segment and manage your attendees due to the lack of resources? Is your planning process-specific, and what challenges are you hoping to overcome?


Obtaining these answers will allow you to know what to look out for when outsourcing logistics. You may already have an event management tool that handles registration, mass mailing, and attendee segmentation, or you might have an established social media team that promotes events. Despite this, you still need someone to help set up the venue and assist attendees. You want to be very specific about your needs, as this will give you the best guide to finding the top event management company for your event.


Make sure you ask the right questions

To have an effective and efficient partnership with the planning agency you’ll be hiring, you can’t treat them like a simple logistics team. This is because they will do exactly what you tell them to. On the contrary, you’re searching for a strategic partner to help you arrange the event that fits your goals and your budget, as well as accomplish the logistic tasks. 


 If you plan on meeting representatives from an event planning company, prepare the appropriate questions, before you meet with them. You would be better off asking them how they can align their event marketing efforts with your business goals rather than asking about their planning protocol. If you wish, you can also inquire as to their approach to designing experiences for attendees. A top event planning company will be more than happy to assist you with your event marketing strategy and help you run a flawless, results-driven event.

Make sure you pay attention to what they’re asking you

There is nothing more problematic than dealing with a planning team in which you are not the only one asking questions. An impressive agency will take advantage of the kick-off meeting and ask you a lot of questions about things such as your business goals, your key audiences, your previous marketing experiences, the messages you want to communicate, and your internal processes. 


In doing so, they will determine if the solutions they can provide are compatible with what you need. Aside from that, they will be able to use this information to design a personalized proposal for your brand, aligned with the reason you are planning events. There’s no question that you can (and should) talk about logistics, but be sure to attend the strategic questions that will be asked at your first meeting. In the event you see that the planning team is attempting to understand your needs, you’re in good hands.

Analyze the agency’s portfolio

Every event planning agency has an impressive portfolio of inspirational descriptions, spectacular photos, and positive ROI results of events they have planned. However, you may want to look beyond these indicators to gain a better understanding of the planning style of the agency. Hence, when inspecting the portfolio, make sure that the agency also has experience organizing events of the type you are looking for. As an example, you would not hire an agency that only runs weddings or concerts if you wanted to run conferences or product presentations.


The representative should also be able to describe what their previous clients’ results were. During their events, did their clients capture any high-quality leads? Following the event, how many sales were closed by those companies? The information you gain from this will allow you to determine if the planning agency can help you plan and run successful events.

Hire an expert

When you search for a planning agency, you are searching for a strategic partner who cannot only assist you with the logistics of your event but also guide you through the complicated world of event marketing. Efforts must be put into planning flawless events and making them as beneficial as possible. However, if you’re looking to hire the best planner, you’ll have to look into a planning agency’s strategic capabilities and ensure that they can help you run events that generate high-quality business results. Make a wise choice. 


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