When your wedding date is set & you’ve found the man of your dreams, you should look into finding a photographer who can capture the most memorable day of your life; that’s a great wedding photographer. The process of finding wedding photographers in Trivandrum can be difficult. There can be a lot of options when you have a wide range at your disposal, so it is difficult to pick one. It is likely that one photographer will be well-known and have extensive experience in bridal portraiture. However, other photographers have little recognition yet have impressive portfolios & the ability to capture amazing images. Now, the tricky part is how you decide who is the right one for you.

We’re here to help with that! This wedding photographer hiring guide is designed to help you hire the perfect best photographers in Trivandrum. Browse through to get the most out of it!

Get to know your wedding photography needs

1. What kind of wedding photography do you want?




  • Compared to posed photography, candid photography is more spontaneous. 
  • Generally, it captures people and emotions more realistically.
  • In this kind of photography, experience, knowledge, and planning are more important. 
  • The cost of taking candid photos is higher because of their difficulty.



  • The majority of traditional photographs are staged (posey).
  • It involves the photographer taking over the entire and sole responsibility.
  • Wedding photography tends to capture many important moments and makes sure that no one is missed out.
  • These shots are less expensive.

 2. What kind of wedding videography do you want?




  • As with candid photography, cinematic videography shares some of the same principles.
  • In documenting the event, there is a greater need for creativity and storytelling.
  • Typically, it captures the wedding, its star cast (you and important people), and the surrounding emotions in a 20–40-minute video. 
  • Technical knowledge, specific equipment, cameras, and drones are required for this type of videography. 
  • It’s an expensive affair.



  • Traditional videography is among the oldest types of videography.
  • Apart from documenting every second of an event, it requires less creativity.
  • In conventional videography, the entire wedding ceremony is recorded for at least two to three hours. 
  • Typical video cameras and some basic equipment are required for continuous videography
  • It is less expensive to make a traditional video.

3. How to set a wedding photography budget


  • Make sure you know your total wedding budget.
  • Determine an approximate percentage of your total budget that you’re willing to invest in wedding photography (Typically, couples spend between 5-10% on wedding photography).
  • Make extensive research and shortlist a few photographers you like (based on their quality of work).
  • Knowing the market price will let you know whether it falls within your set budget or exceeds it.
  • As long as the prices are within or near your original budget, it can be considered your final budget.
  • As a result, if market prices exceed the budget you have set, you can either re-evaluate the budget or make some compromises and allocate the maximum amount to your preferred services.

4. Before you find a photographer, here’s what you need


  • Establish a wedding photography budget.
  • Estimate the number of guests you will have.
  • Clarify the venue(s) for your wedding.
  • Ensure you know the finalized event dates.
  • Choose whether you want a photographer for the entire ceremony or only certain ceremonies.
  • Make sure you know if the photographer will handle both the groom’s side and the bride’s side.

5. What to look for in a wedding photographer


  • Search through the profiles of popular wedding photographers in your city at: 
  • Online wedding planning sites like ShaadiSaga.com 
  • Social media platforms, such as Facebook 
  • Wedding albums from newlywed friends and family members
  • Know the quality of their work and the style of wedding they specialize in.
  • Select your top five to six favorites (at least 6).
  • Visit their sites to check out their portfolios, see their prices, and know their cancellation policies.

Get to know everything about wedding photographers

1. Before shortlisting a wedding photographer, here are some things to consider


  • Understanding if their photography aesthetic matches your needs
  • Analyzing their work quality
  • Knowing their market reputation 
  • Checking their prices to make sure they’re affordable

2. The things to discuss with the wedding photographer before making a decision


  • The dates are available
  • Make sure you discuss all your functions, bridal and groom entry ideas, special performances (if any), and even the tiniest details.
  • Share your approximate budget (avoid giving them your exact budget so you can negotiate the prices. Share your requirements and get their quotes. Although, many photographers work on a fixed price.)
  • The final package must include the following: 

             – Number of edited pictures


             – Number of raw pictures 


             – Time to deliver raw images


             – Wedding album


  • Ask the photographer if he will cover your wedding or if he will assign one of his associates to do so.
  • Knowing how many photographers with what expertise will attend what event and on what day.
  • Flexible timing
  • Review their payment policies, such as their tax policy, cancellation policy, and refund policy
  • Obtain clarity on travel and accommodation logistics and know who will bear the expenses (especially if the wedding is at the destination)
  • The cost of extra services (drones, photo booths, LED screens, live photo stations, etc.)
  • If deliverables are delayed, be aware of the policy.
  • Discussions should be held about the venue and lighting.
  • Make sure there is a backup team available in case an emergency occurs.

3. Steps to take once you’ve decided on a photographer


  • You should sign a written contract 
  • You should keep a record of any agreements you make. If there is a misunderstanding or disagreement, this would help.
  • Be sure to tell the photographer when your events take place.
  • Please share your list of must-have shots with the photographer. (For example, jewelry shots, getting-ready shots, lehenga shots, bridesmaid’s photos, etc.) 
  • Make sure your photographer knows who the most important people are to be photographed. (Pro Tip: Hand out passport-sized photos of each family member to avoid any last-minute confusion.)

Despite all the planning, many things can still go wrong, regardless of how much effort you put into it. Therefore, we’ve jotted down a few things that can go wrong, but which you should AVOID:

  • Too late in booking your photographer.
  • Last-minute changes to the event schedule.
  • The type of photographer you choose does not match your style of working.
  • You didn’t clearly define your expectations in advance and missed some opportunities.
  • Trying to make things “perfect”
  • Don’t make any verbal commitments. Be sure to get everything in writing.

(Don’t forget to ask your photographer about the schedule 10 days before your wedding. Also, post-wedding, stay in touch as soon as possible to get your deliverables.)

Hire an expert


When choosing a wedding photographer, ensure that he/she can capture the most memorable moments of your life since he/she will be responsible for capturing a once-in-a-lifetime event. You want photographs that are stunning and timeless, photographs that you can look back at years from now and still feel nostalgic about them.

No doubt finding the best photographers in Trivandrum who understand your style and amazingly capture your wedding day is easier said than done. 


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