Which Makeup Is Right for You?

  •  Wedding Day makeup

The cost of bridal makeup for your wedding day is comparatively higher than make-up for other smaller functions.


  • Special occasion makeup

Makeup for brides for other wedding functions, including Mehendi and engagement ceremonies. In terms of their makeup and hairstyle, brides tend to experiment more on these occasions rather than on their wedding day where they tend to keep it more traditional (classic makeup with a bun).


  •  Party/Guest makeup

Generally, it is for guests and the rest of your family. In addition, you can use it for your Mehendi day function or a small Roka ceremony. In general, the cost of party makeup is about one-fourth of what you would spend on your wedding day.


  • Airbrush VS HD Makeup

An airbrush makeup application uses a gun to spray makeup on the face instead of sponges, brushes, and fingers and is best suited to oily skin and summer brides. Prices are typically higher than the other options. With HD makeup, pigments are milled finer and applied with brushes and sponges, which is a traditional method of application.

What is included in the bridal makeup package?

  •  Makeup
  •  Hairstyling
  •  Draping (Dupatta or Saree)
  •  Nail painting

What is the Best Way to Find a Makeup Artist for Your Wedding?

  • Use Online Wedding Portals

A website that lets you filter makeup artists by city and budget, and see what they’ve done for real brides in the past.


  • By word of mouth

Have you ever thought about how fantastic that girl’s makeup was at a wedding you attended? Please do not hesitate to inquire about the makeup artists used by your most favorite brides!

What is the Best Way to Shortlist A Makeup Artist?

1. Examine their online profiles – this will give you a better understanding of their work.


2. Ask if they will be available on the date of your wedding.


3. How do they break down the charges and what are they charging for:


  • Wedding Day
  • Makeup for Special Events (Sangeet, Reception)
  • Party Makeup (Mehendi, Roka, For other Family Members)

4. Be sure to consider the location where you want to get ready:


  • The venue itself
  • Salon of the makeup artist
  • The comfort of your own home

Let us help you understand why and how these three locations are so important. In the case of a bride living in Kollam having her wedding in Trivandrum (in the evening) on an auspicious day of the year (hello, there are 60,000 weddings in Trivandrum!) she should prepare at the venue itself unless the salon or her home is nearby. Don’t forget to consider your wedding’s distance, auspicious date, traffic, and time before choosing a venue!

 Would you benefit from a makeup trial?


You can skip the trial if the MUA (Make-up Artist) has already been tried and tested by your BFF, didi, bhabhi, or Chachi, or if they’re one of the biggest names in the wedding makeup industry. If possible, go to trial in all other cases.

Makeup trials fall into three categories:

  • Paid and adjustable (the trial charges are adjusted to the final payment if you book with them)
  • Trials are non-adjustable (you must pay separately for them regardless of whether you book them or not).
  • Free

During a makeup trial, keep these things in mind:


  • Take pictures of yourself (yes, selfies) in different lighting (light from the sun plus artificial light) and see if it suits your complexion
  • Examine how your makeup is holding up and how long it lasts, and see if it suits your skin type
  • Ask yourself – Does it feel too loud to you? Does it feel too subtle to you? Have your dark circles, acne marks, blemishes, and blemishes been covered up by the makeup artist?

Which is better, getting ready in a salon or going to a freelance makeup artist?

Salon: The bridal makeup artist in Trivandrum has a hierarchy of artists (Head, Senior, and Junior), and their rates vary depending on their position. Senior artists charge the most. MUAs traveling to your location will cost 50-100% more because they will bring their equipment, artists, and lights (it is almost like having their salon at your home).

Freelance Make-up Artists: Freelance make-up artists usually have a Senior (as well as a hairstylist) and assistants. In general, they bring their makeup lights.

 Before finalizing a makeup artist, consider these points

  • What is included and excluded in the package?
  • What are her availability dates and times as well as how many bookings does she have on the same day?
  • How many people will be attending, whether it is the head herself or an alternate? Be sure to clarify this in advance to avoid any last-minute surprises!
  • If necessary, ask for a trial before finalizing
  • It is essential to confirm the MUA’s comfort level with traveling along with the wedding party for outstation weddings. Arrangements for travel and accommodations, as well as clarity on who would bear the costs, must be confirmed. This is generally the responsibility of the bride.
  • Let’s talk about makeup lights! Find out who will be bringing them. Make sure you know where to get supplies if you have to arrange for them.
  • Don’t rely on verbal agreements. Get a written contract!
  • Ask your wedding makeup artist in Trivandrum how many appointments they have on the same day. It’s important to decide whether you will be comfortable with the scenario where your MUA has to split her attention between multiple brides.

After you have selected your make-up artist, keep the following in mind


  • What is the advance payment amount, and by when it must be paid to book her?
  • Give details about the location, date, and time. Don’t forget to update the details if there are any changes.
  • Be sure to discuss beforehand if you would like the MUA to recommend any skin or hair treatments – such as a specific facial, a home remedy, or bleaching treatment.
  • It is important to talk about it beforehand with other members of your family who will also be using the same MUA – how many people will be getting ready, what their specific needs are, etc.

Once the best makeup artist in Trivandrum has been finalized, what should be checked?

  • Ensure your MUA has seen your outfit(s).
  • Decide on the hairstyle you prefer for each wedding function.

Frequently Asked Questions About-Payments


  • Decide whether your makeup artist prefers cash, card, or cheque as a payment method.
  • The advance payment usually ranges between 10% and 50%
  • Generally, advance payment is not refunded in the event of cancellation on your part. Cancellations must be made far in advance so that the MUA can find another booking (which is often not the case)

Hire an expert


Making your skin look its best requires makeup artists who are skilled, professional, and experienced. She knows how to enhance your best features and hide your flaws. A bridal makeup artist in Trivandrum will verify your skin before applying makeup to ensure the best results, and they will also provide you with a trial application before the wedding.


Do you need help with your wedding makeup artist It will save you from traveling to a salon and risking being late? Wedding makeup can be done in the comfort of your hotel room or at home by a top makeup artist in Trivandrum. Is there any additional need for your wedding makeup?


Let us know in the comment section below.


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