It is very important to include bridal mehndi costs in your wedding budget. Even though booking a wedding venue and hiring the wedding photographer should be on the wedding planning checklist, brides-to-be often forget to consider other expenses that can break their wedding planning budget. You should, therefore, find out the average cost of all your wedding planning expenses.

Every bride looks forward to the Mehndi ceremony as it is a very important ritual for her wedding. At the end of the day, she gets to pose with her hands covered in her partner’s name hidden beneath the Mehndi. These days, it’s not just a tradition, but rather a trending art form with brides seeking out top mehndi artist in Trivandrum to help them create a unique Mehndi design. 

You don’t have a lot of options to choose from when hiring a bridal mehndi artist. 

When it comes to choosing a mehndi designer for your bridal mehndi, you can’t take a risk. You need someone who follows their work ethics, is professional, knows their work, does not engage in malpractice, and provides good company, because you will spend a lot of time with them, which will come to mind when you look at your mehndi days after the wedding. 

The purpose of mehndi designing isn’t just about design and perfection but also keeping up with the sacredness of the Mehndi ceremony. You don’t need to be careful with the quality of henna when you do Mehndi yourself on occasions like Diwali and Raksha Bandhan. It is okay to use readymade cones available in the market during such events. 

Nevertheless, when it comes to bridal mehndi designing, there is an element of sacredness. This element should be cherished not just for the ritual’s sake but also for the bride’s own health and wellbeing. 

Types of Mehndi Designs and Styles 

There are different types and lengths of bridal mehndi, so the cost will vary. Therefore, it is important to know the different types of Mehndi designs you can choose and the difficulties involved in completing the requested design before you make a decision.

1. Arabic Mehndi Designs

The Arabic Mehndi designs can easily be drawn. Simple lines, dots, filled patterns, leaves, and flowers are commonly used in the designs. In this kind of Mehndi design, there is less Mehndi consumption and time is less required. As a result, these designs will cost you less.

2. Traditional Mehndi Designs

The designs of traditional Indian Mehndi are very detailed and require a great deal of time to complete. Traditionally, Indian motifs like lotus, peacock, Kalash, doli, and mandap, all the way down to the fingertips, are used for Mehndi designs; there is no space left between them. It is the most preferred style by Indian brides and therefore more expensive.

3. Geometric Mehndi Designs 

Geometric shapes, curvy shapes, traditional tribal patterns, diamond shapes, and prominent dots are used in this Mehndi style. The geometric patterns are simple to draw, require little time and effort, and generally are less expensive than traditional designs.

4. Minimalist Mehndi Designs 

Millennial brides prefer minimalist mehndi designs that include lots of empty spaces in between. Mehndi designs of this kind consume less time, making bridal Mehndi more affordable.

5. Portrait Mehndi Designs 

Brides and their fiances can have portraits of favorite characters painted on their Mehndi designs. The bridal mehndi cost goes up because portraits require more time and attention to detail.

6. Personalized Mehndi Designs

A bride’s personalized Mehndi design incorporates her elements or love story to make it truly beautiful and stand out. The detailing involved in this type of mehndi design is time-consuming and requires a lot of energy. Therefore, this style of Mehndi is much more expensive than minimalist designs.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Booking A Bridal Mehndi Artist

The mehndi design on your bridal body is a reflection of your style, personality, and experiences. You should not rush your decision to book a mehndi artist. In addition to reviewing their previous work, it may be necessary to ask your Mehndi artist about the following.

1. What is the cost of Mehndi per Hand?

You should ask your professional Mehndi artist how much each hand will cost. It is important to establish the cost at the outset since many mehndi artists charge separately for hands and feet.

2. What kind of designs do they have expertise in?

Whether you want traditional Mehndi, Arabic Mehndi, a portrait, a mandala Mehndi, or custom Mehndi, make sure the artist is familiar with the latest mehndi designs and patterns.

3. Do they take outstation bookings?

Since some Mehndi artists travel with a team, they have very specific travel policies. If you are planning a destination wedding, make sure you are all on the same page. You will need to account for the cost of taking your entire team with you.

4. Can they give you a personalized Mehndi Design? 

You must know beforehand if the Mehndi artist is capable of providing you with the specific design you want. This could be a personalized design with your fiance’s portrait on your hands, a design depicting your love story, or your favorite series/movie quotes.

5. How big is their team? 

Be sure to ask the Mehndi artist how many of their members will be available on your Mehndi day. This is because you are booking a Mehndi artist for an entire group. In the end, you don’t want your guests to wait too long for their turn.

6. How will the payment procedure take place? 

A payment procedure should be the first thing you inquire about. You should ask your bridal mehndi artist if payment is taken upfront or whether it is done after the service.

7. What is the charge for family members? 

While you are the one getting married, everyone is involved in the celebration. Therefore, you should ask your Mehndi artist how much they will charge per hand or for the whole group.

Hire an expert

Finally, now that you have a clear understanding of which mehndi artist to trust for your big day. Book them as soon as possible. The mehndi artist should be reserved at least three months before the wedding. The best mehndi artists get booked early, especially when it is peak season, so you should book yours at least three months in advance. If you wait until too late, you’ll have fewer options.


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Someone who is not a professional would not be able to create a complex design to perfection. Furthermore, only a professional will be able to accomplish mehndi designing within a short period. Most cities offer mehndi designs along with wedding makeup as a package. bridal mehndi artist Trivandrum to make your mehndi look perfect in the most memorable moments of your life on your perfect day. 


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