Be a Wedding planner for your own wedding, know these Do’s and Don’ts!

Well, Marriage is a blissful and most cherishable memory of anybody’s life. Taking the plunge and want to make it even more memorable, there are lot many things you would want to do. But in excitement and anxiousness, you might end up doing something wrong or miss something important in your wedding ceremony. Here we bring to you the checklist of what should be done and what should not be. It’s such a tedious process of planning to achieve the dream wedlock.  A wedding is supposed to be the biggest day of your life and you would not want to mess it up. So here is a checklist of Do’s and Don’ts, which will ensure your wedding process, goes smoothly.

The Do’s

  • Pour your heart out 

First things first. You must first discuss and decide everything you have thought of for your D-day with your partner.  It has to be a blend of both worlds so the planning must have likes of your partner as well. Every individual dream about their wedding and what better than discussing and bringing it live with your partner. The ideas and aspirations of your partner would let you know about their personality and what they like. 

  • Understanding family values and cultures

It is very important to know what families like to fulfil their son/daughter’s wedding. Every family have different belief and follows a different tradition. It might be same or totally opposite but Hey, you get to explore more.  Let them convey their sentiments and come upon a mutual consent, which hurts nobody.

  • Research is the key


As soon as the wedding is planned, you suddenly become multi-tasker. Thousand of things go into your head. What ceremonies to be done, what dress you will wear, which photographer to be chosen or the planners and caterers. Try to gain information by doing as much research as you can and fix as per your budget.

  • The perfect Marriage Venue

As soon as the date is fixed, the first and foremost thing to finalize is the wedding venue. With wedding season going on you might not get the venue you desired for.  If you wish to have a destination wedding, discuss it with your partner and family, discuss the place and check out the best deals available.

  • Having a Backup Plan

Nobody wants their marriage day to spoil. But there can be some last minute spoilers whether it can be whether playing the game or food ending up being scarce. So you must be ready with a Plan B in case any casualty occurs.

The Don’ts

  • Never delay plans

It’s a fact that whatever time you get to have arrangements for the wedding that feels less. This is why never procrastinate any work thinking there is much of time or someone will do for you. It’s better to be ready and set days before your wedding to avoid any chaos at end moment.

  • Check your pockets

In Indian Weddings, money is flown like water. Even if you have the super tight budget, you end up having more expense than decided. But do not go overboard and spend thinking its one in the lifetime experience. It’s your dream wedlock, not the opportunity to end up in financial debts.

  • Don’t overburden yourself with work

Everyone is there to share the workload be it a friend or the family. It does not mean that if you are getting married you have to end up everywhere deciding everything. You can distribute the work and accordingly all things will fall at the right place. You can even hire a wedding planner to do the work for you!

  • Never hold back emotions

The wedding day is the most nervous yet exciting day for anybody. Bride or Groom generally have butterflies in their stomach.  The workload, chaos might end up providing you stress or something is not going your way and you do not like it then you must discuss it with your friends or partner.


Keep calm and Just Enjoy. It’s your wedding, not a race. Wedding planning is not easy but its doable. It can be done if right strategy, research, and family support is there. We hope we provided you a good checklist to keep an eye on while doing your wedding preparations!

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