The task of planning the perfect wedding is not easy. Months of planning and tons of binders are needed. Aside from venue and decor, numerous other things can go wrong during a wedding. Regardless of whether she finds the perfect wedding dress, her hair and makeup can cause a lot of trouble. Taking professional help and hiring a bridal makeup artist in Trivandrum on our wedding day prevents these disasters. 


Following are a few tips to keep in mind before making a reservation.

1. Advance Deposits

Like any other vendor, makeup artists also require an advance deposit that is not refundable. The balance must be paid on the day of your wedding. When makeup artists are thorough professionals they arrive on time, deliver on the look that was decided, and put a lot of physical effort into getting a bride ready and making her look more beautiful than ever before. You should also adhere to the terms of the contract and make your payments on time. That cannot be negotiated!

2. Other Bookings

Make sure you get ample time from any wedding makeup artist in Trivandrum you are hiring on that date and inquire if they have any other commitments on that date. In such cases, both you and the makeup artist must adhere to the pre-decided timeline.

3. Don’t Delay Bookings

As soon as your dates are set, you should contact vendors and enquire about their products. Many vendors get booked months in advance, so you should start reviewing the work of various artists as soon as possible and contact them to verify their availability.

4. Meet one on one

You should meet with each shortlisted candidate one on one once you have a shortlist. Many makeup artists offer a free or low-cost trial (some charge for it while others don’t). When you meet them, you will be able to get a better feel for their personality, work style, and even how comfortable you will be with them in close quarters on your wedding day.

5. Family Members

You should let them know in advance when you’ve booked them if you have any other family members or friends who need assistance getting ready. You should be prepared to pay an extra fee for services at a pre-decided/discussed charge if the makeup artist plans and keeps the products and resources available for your use. The best makeup artist in Trivandrum performs the work they are commissioned to perform. You can request that they handle some extra people on an as-needed basis if you ask them first and prepare to pay!

6. Delays

Indian weddings seem to be plagued by delays these days! Keeping everything under control and ensuring everything runs according to plan is not easy. Be honest with your vendors. Inform them in advance of your functions and stay in touch on the day of your functions. You wouldn’t want them to spend half a day burning their time and energy at your venue! In a salon, your makeup artist will likely schedule a time for you to come in and work with them. If you can’t, try to be there on time, and if not, be patient and wait a bit before the artist starts working with you. It is still too late for you to rush and panic at that point, even though it might be getting late. If you are running short of time, tell the artist and let him or her do their best!

7. Cancellations

If you have to cancel for any reason whatsoever, be ready to forfeit the amount that you paid to reserve their dates for you. In the event, the makeup artist cancels (which they certainly shouldn’t do, but because they are people too, sometimes they have to cancel due to illness or an emergency). Make sure there is a backup plan in place. If for any reason a makeup artist needs to cancel, they should be able to find you someone else to fill in for them. Charges can also be negotiated in that case depending on who is providing the backup. 

8. Outstation Makeup Charges

A makeup artist will normally charge more if you hire them for a wedding outside of their city. They will devote all of their time to you along with their team. It is also common to arrange for the artist and his team’s travel and accommodations. Occasionally you may want to cut costs. However, please make sure your artist or anyone from the team does not have to share a room with any of your guests! This is not because the makeup artists are unreliable/do not want to mix with your crowd/don’t appreciate your hospitality and your everyday comfort level with them. Instead, they are unable to adapt. WORKING is what they do, so they need their rest!

Hire an expert

Making your skin look its best requires makeup artists who are skilled, professional, and experienced. The makeup artist knows how to draw attention to the features that you love and hide the ones you don’t. To ensure the best application, a bridal makeup artist in Trivandrum will verify the condition of your skin and apply a trial makeup before the wedding ceremony.

As weddings are not common occasions, the bride needs to look awesome on this day, and everything should be so special for her, including her makeup. As there are many makeup artists in Trivandrum, you have to put a great deal of effort into selecting the best wedding makeup artist.


Do you need help with your wedding makeup artist It will save you from traveling to a salon and risking being late? The wedding makeup can be done in the comfort of your hotel room or at home by a Professional Makeup Artist. Is there any additional need for your wedding makeup?


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