Weddings are probably most challenging in the area of food. There are many things to prepare for the wedding ceremony to make it unique. Since Indian weddings are extremely extravagant affairs and food plays such a huge role, finding a reputable wedding caterer and getting the right wedding catering services from them can be quite challenging. 


Wedding catering services are probably one of the most expensive elements of a wedding. A wedding’s food and beverage budget account for over half of the total cost. The food at Indian weddings is the one thing that leaves a long-lasting impression on guests and keeps them talking for years. You should consider several factors before hiring a caterer who caters for weddings in banquet halls in Trivandrum. To find the best caterers in your area, we recommend you do thorough research about their specialties, etc. You will be able to see how different catering companies function and will be able to select the best company.


Ensure that you are well-informed about the responsibilities of the caterer on the wedding day by understanding what they do and what they provide.


1. Local ingredients are included

The best thing about upcoming catering trends involves local ingredients being used in the delicacies. Local flavors have gained a lot of traction as catering menus are inspired by these ingredients. Serving traditional local food made with local ingredients is something that everyone enjoys. It is a good idea to have your caterer collect ingredients from your wedding location and use them as a centerpiece of the catering. Be sure to choose party catering services in Trivandrum that can assure you that local ingredients are available when you need them. Your guests will love the food for weeks if you add fresh fruits and vegetables to your dishes.

2. Food on Wheels

It is becoming increasingly popular lately and will keep people’s attention in the future. Renting a food truck for a wedding reception is a brilliant idea. The “meals on wheels” concept is becoming increasingly popular at weddings these days.

You can also have these come directly to your location and are best suited for outdoor weddings. This will add a classy and elegant touch to your wedding. Ask your event management & catering services in Trivandrum to serve the food on one of these trucks. Several catering services offer these kinds of exclusive wedding themes so that your wedding is chic!

3. Unique desserts

Every meal is made more enjoyable by dessert, which satisfies your taste buds and puts a smile on your face. Whenever you are served this part of the meal, it should always be delicious and distinctive. Every year it is an out-of-the-box event with Indo-western fusion desserts that are unconventional, innovative, and customized. The conventional desserts should be served with flavors that reflect your caterer’s thoughtfulness and quality.

There are several festive treats to choose from, including artisanal kulfis, gourmet ice cream, chocolates, cookies, etc. Remember to ensure that your caterer offers two to three options of desserts that will appeal to everyone in the crowd!

4. DIY Station

Indeed, it is true! It’s no secret that Does It Yourself (DIY) activities are hot right now, and we’ve found some of the coolest DIY food stations this season. This is a great method of keeping their guests engaged with fun activities and giving them a unique opportunity to display their creativity. ‘Live counters’ are becoming more innovative as DIY food stations become more common. Your guests will have a choice of how their food is prepared. The idea of Indian weddings has been slowly and steadily making its way into the market. Therefore, coordinate this with your wedding caterer and make your wedding an entertaining event.

5. Balance in Food and Service

When it comes to the wedding menu, it’s really important to strike the right balance. Everyone should be able to find something they like, and the food should be of excellent quality. We define balance as a difference between flavors, types of cuisine, varieties of foods, presentation, and so forth. Not only should the taste of the food be right at an Indian wedding, but the level of service and the time between each course should also be taken into consideration. You can be sure your wedding menu will be remembered for years to come when you get this balance right! In addition, do we need to mention that a good caterer will find the right balance on their own, without even asking for it?

6. Venue Considerations

Where you have your Indian wedding depends on the caterer you choose. Likewise, a good caterer will always conduct a thorough analysis of the venue and ensure that he delivers his services with caution and consideration of the venue’s restrictions. The heavy flow of guests can sometimes interrupt the flow of food to the venue at some venues because they have many restrictions and constraints.

A reputable caterer will make sure that there are no interruptions in service and will make sure that there is no disruption in his level of service. He will figure it out on his own without your assistance.

7. Serving Style

Traditional Indian weddings have table-seated meals with servers who serve the food provided by both the venue management and the catering company. The traditional way of serving guests at South Indian weddings is on plantain leaves, while most modern Indian weddings tend to be buffet-style affairs. Wedding packages are priced differently based on what you want. If you choose the best caterer, he will have all of this information in advance and will provide his set-up without any additional inputs or suggestions from you. Make the right choice!

8. Menu Items

There are a wide variety of Indian wedding menus based on regional preferences, and the right wedding caterer understands this better than anyone else. Before you finalize the wedding caterer, make sure you carefully review the menu he/she provides. Here are some suggestions to help you decide: Vegetarians can choose from an assortment of appetizers, such as pakoras and samosas, fried poppadums, aloo wadi, surali wadi, etc.


Main courses include vegetable curries, paneer gravies, Dal Tadka, dry vegetables like fried potatoes or mixed vegetables. These are served with Indian puffed bread called Poori or popular Indian flatbread called Naans. A quality caterer will offer you options such as chicken, lamb, Goan fish curries, Ghosht, and so on, which are the most popular items among non-vegetarians. We offer a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare, including vegetarian Yanis, Pilafs, and much more. Good spreads often contain salads, pickles (achaar), and mint chutney in addition to other condiments and accompaniments.


Catering services provided by good wedding caterers include:


  • Meetings are always part of the wedding planning process – talking about what sort of wedding you want, what kind of Indian food is available to you, any customization, and even a consultation over a theme wedding.
  • When the venue has been booked, the caterer will focus on creating a plan for the day that ensures that everyone pays attention to all the important moments. It is essential to make sure that each and every element is like a dream come true.
  • In order to maintain the highest standards and provide the best service, the right caterer will only take on a limited number of weddings at one time.
  • The only philosophy a good wedding caterer has is to provide variety, cultural richness, and sumptuous flavors, along with the highest standard and especially “customized menus” for all special occasions.
  • The best wedding caterers offer services for all wedding-related occasions, whether it is a Sanji, Mehndi night, or reception party. No matter how many guests they have, they do not hesitate to welcome them.
  • Catering by this caterer will offer top-notch logistics support, friendly, helpful, responsive service, as well as a versatile menu with years of experience behind him in this field.

Making your special day unforgettable for everyone attending the wedding is easy if you serve mouth-watering food. If you want to delight your guests’ palates, ensure that your menu contains both Indian and global dishes. Offer a variety of mouth-watering gourmet desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. The addition of a signature cocktail menu to the celebration will add a personal touch along with the provision of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Hire an expert

Working closely with your wedding caterers is also essential for giving your guests a ‘culinary experience’ they will remember. Shortlisting several wedding catering companies before deciding on the right one is a good idea. In addition to word-of-mouth referrals and testimonials, word-of-mouth referrals and testimonials would help ensure that the best food is served during various ceremonies, rituals, and the Indian wedding reception.


Do you have a wedding coming up? Schedule a tasting session today! You can count on us to create a menu tailored to your needs and budget.


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There can be no doubt that catering has an important role to play in any wedding. In case you’re looking for a professional wedding catering service in Trivandrum, we’ve got you covered. During the most memorable moments of your life on your perfect day, we offer the best event catering services to make your wedding rememberable.


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