A rising standard of living means that weddings are no longer just the occasion for huge family celebrations. There are high stakes and huge budgets involved. Regardless of how much you spend on a particular wedding ensemble, venue, decor, or even food for the event, one thing will ensure that this moment is cherished for as long as you live, and that is photography. You can consult the best wedding photographers in Kochi for expert advice.


You should find a wedding photographer once you have found the man of your dreams & have set your wedding date. That’s a great wedding photographer who will capture the memories for a lifetime. Finding the best photographers in Kochi can be challenging. A wide range of options makes it difficult to choose one when there are a lot of them available to you. There is a good chance that at least one photographer will be well-known and will have extensive experience in photo-shooting for weddings. However, there are many other photographers whose portfolios and ability to capture stunning images are little recognized. How to determine who is right for you is the tricky part.


Even though everyone knows that photography plays an important role in preserving priceless memories all the time, not everyone ends up taking the best pictures. Is there anything people struggle with when it comes to hiring photographers in Kochi and, to be more specific, in their opinion, who are the best photographers in Kochi? I’m pretty sure most people begin their search for a good wedding photographer by visiting a photographers’ aggregator or, more commonly, by searching Google for wedding photographers. It is crucial to ask yourself a question here — who is a good photographer for you?


Does someone with a creative eye and a good understanding of your needs and fit your budget appeal to you, or is it someone who is an SEO expert or a brilliant marketer? Similarly, how entrepreneurship had become a trend in the last few years, so has wedding photography also become so these days. Even though so many people these days claim to be candid photographers, many of them decide to leave their corporate careers and pursue their passion for this art. With the availability of cheap photography courses and equipment on rental, it has never been easier to find candid wedding photographers who have created plenty of business clutter, further adding to the woes of soon-to-be-married couples and family members. In addition, candid has become one of the most misused terms in wedding photography. Almost all new photographers claim to be candid photographers.


Even if they love photography, many part-time photographers do not feel confident enough to devote themselves to it full-time despite their convictions. How can a client break free from this clutter and find an interesting and talented photographer for their wedding?

There are a few key points to remember when selecting a wedding photographer:

  • It is not enough to just look at the top 10 Google search results

See what other wedding photographers have done by scrolling up to the fifth or sixth page. This decision is solely based on your intention to hire a good artist who understands this style of art as well as is within your budget. It may not always be the case that a good marketer or SEO expert makes a good wedding photographer.

  • To truly understand the true talent of a wedding photographer, take a look at a few pictures from one wedding he/she has shot

In this way, you’ll be able to see the variety he/she can bring to your wedding feast. Your community may or may not have had a photographer who has shot the myriad moods at your wedding; however, if your photographer has captured the moods at one wedding, he or she may be just the person for the job.

  • Make sure you read the testimonials of the photographer you intend to hire not only on his website but also on other social networking sites

Do a little research on the photographer you intend to hire and not just on his website, but on other social media platforms as well. You’ll be able to make better decisions with this information.

  • Do not get fooled by one of the most misused terms in wedding photography – ‘candid wedding photography

Look at the work of the person and hire those who show an eye for detail and creativity. In addition, hire those who can capture the essence of the moment. In reality, a good photographer takes good photographs; the terms candid, traditional, or posed do not mean anything.

  • Consider finding a photographer who has shot weddings in a similar setting to yours

Take a look at the pictures that the person in question has shot during night time, for example, if your wedding is at night. You should also search for wedding pictures that have been taken in banquet halls if your wedding takes place there. The final result will thus be more satisfying, which will save you from disappointment.

  • Make sure that you consider the reputed associations a photographer belongs to

Obtaining memberships cost money, and they can only be earned once the photographer reaches a certain level in his career.

  • You should be aware that the number of likes on a page does not always reflect the quality of a photographer

They are obtained by buying likes or by a photographer’s own family and friends participating in it.

Hire an expert

When choosing a wedding photographer, ensure that he/she can capture the most memorable moments of your life since he/she will be responsible for capturing a once-in-a-lifetime event. You want photographs that are stunning and timeless, photographs that you can look back at years from now and still feel nostalgic about them. No doubt finding the best photographers in Kochi who understand your style and amazingly capture your wedding day. 


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