It almost seems too good to be true when it comes to a wedding planner (also known as your new best friend, mediator when tensions run high, your new therapist, or whatever else you need). You may ask, “Should I hire one?” Is it necessary? How do we find the perfect one?” We often get these questions from our couples as they begin the wedding planning process.


Even if most venues offer a complimentary wedding designer from the property staff, given the distance of your wedding destination, your vision, and the fact that you are not familiar with the venue as you plan your Indian destination wedding, it is no surprise that you have considered hiring the best event management company Kochi. The value of an Indian destination wedding planner cannot be overlooked, even though we don’t believe every couple needs one and we have seen so many couples of our own navigate the process without one.


We are confident that this article will guide you in making the most important decision in your planning process. There are three main questions you need to ask yourself to make this decision!


Question 1 – Do I have the time and energy to dedicate to it?

The wedding planning process should be fun, no doubt about it. The day you marry is one of the most important days of your lives, so don’t forget that! There will eventually come a point where you will need to dedicate all of your energy and efforts to every little tiny detail, and yes, it will take a lot of time as well. All of us have a lot going on in our lives, but we comprehend that life tends to get crazier the older we get – there are more work responsibilities, more responsibilities for the care of our parents, and more time devoted to our new fiancés! 


You should hire a wedding planner if you have a lot going on with your job, school, or just life in general. Dealing with vendors, negotiating, offering innovative ideas, and ensuring every event is unique… Forget about managing a large number of staff members from different companies and the endless email conversations (and sometimes lack of response to those emails) that accompany the planning process. Hiring a wedding planner for your Indian destination wedding will ensure that you have a single point of contact for all your wedding-related questions. You can relax, while the best wedding planners in Kochi take care of all your wedding-related concerns.


However, if you are going on a gap year, have a slow season ahead, and have a mother, sister, or friend with ample time on her hands (or experience in wedding planning), you might have the time and energy to continue on your planning adventure plan-free. What should you do next? Let’s find out!


Question 2 – Do I have the skills necessary to plan an international, 3-day, 200+ person event?

To be successful at wedding planning, you need to possess many crucial character traits and abilities. Check yourself as you go!! Let’s talk about the most important ones.


  • Remaining calm is by far one of the most important traits for a successful plan (in our experience).

Your life will be filled with daily hiccups that require you to deal with, causing you to meltdown. Imagine, for example, that your DJ double booked or that your Masi forgot to book her flight and now everything is triple the price! Or perhaps your baraat horse is having a bad day! Maintaining ease is vital when dealing with not only both families but also the vendors and staff you’ll be collaborating with at every step of the process! The key is to stay calm while strategizing for plans B, C, or D! People aren’t perfect, so stay calm as you strategize! Hiring some help will be helpful if you have a short fuse!


  • Budgeting and Negotiation Skills

As wedding planners, it may be easy for us to stay within the budget when planning a wedding for others. Oftentimes, however, it’s not as easy as it seems to find the right balance between what our couples want to accomplish and the money they plan on investing. It is important to keep in mind that budget scenarios can change at the last minute in some cases (for example, a last-minute raise or another life expense overlapping your wedding date). Therefore, we need to remain flexible if we need to modify our original plans very quickly. As a result, budgeting skills and being resourceful throughout this process are key to overcoming any inconveniences that could come up. If you have a hard time saying “no” to budget creep, you may want to hire a planner who can help!


  • Staying organized

Planning a destination Indian wedding requires a great deal of organization. The smallest of details, such as which appetizer will be served at which minute mark, the volume of the wireless microphone, and the temperature in the ballroom, play a big role in any event. If you find that you struggle a bit in this area (let’s keep it 100), then you should consider getting a wedding planner on your team (as soon as possible). You need to be a master of organizational planning before you begin!


  • Resourcefulness

 It is extremely important to think ahead and work out deals with all parties involved! Always be prepared in case anything unexpected happens. 


  • Creativity

There will be a lot of creative work involved when it comes to seating arrangements, agendas, itineraries, and all the small details like place cards, lighting, decorations, etc. It would be necessary to make up for your lack of creative ability by being comfortable with research if you are not a super creative individual with a strong visual aesthetic and the ability to tie themes together. The wedding industry is always sharing the latest trends in social media, magazines, blogs, and many more venues and events related to weddings. To get you started, start by creating some Pinterest boards if you’re someone who benefits from inspiration.


Question 3 – Is there a budget for it?

Every wedding planner knows this saying: every decision should make sense mentally, emotionally, and financially. A wedding planner will bring a lot of value to you when they are involved in the many tasks associated with planning a wedding. Some of our couples, however, struggle to calculate exactly how much their planner will cost compared to how much money they will save when the planner handles negotiations. In our experience, when handling larger budgets (like Indian weddings typically do), planners can often find creative ways to maximize every dollar. Their expertise extends beyond knowing how to negotiate your decor bill’s line items; they can also find waste and eliminate it or come up with a more budget-friendly option that has a high impact!


Hire an expert

Keeping track of all the decisions you make is the key to it all. You need to plan your wedding in a way that makes it easy for you to keep track of everything. Secondly, you need to enjoy every aspect of the planning process. In the end, the Weddings and Events planner in Kochi will make sure you have the best planning tools to make your Indian destination wedding as seamless as possible.


Do you need assistance planning your wedding? With our event planners in Kochi, we will take all the necessary steps to plan your wedding. Do you need anything else for your wedding?


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