It may seem expensive to hire a planner when you are planning your big event, but we assure you it does not have to be. Professional help is available in a lot of other aspects of your life, from banks to lawyers to electricians to carpenters and everything else in between. Is there any reason why your one-off, the big event should be any different? You won’t just save money by hiring a planner, but you’ll ensure that everything goes smoothly all while saving money. Would you like to know how?


Here are 5 ways an event planner can save you money. You can consult the top event management company for expert advice.


Various types of fees are charged by planners. Their fee may be hourly, based on your expenses, or they might propose a lump sum. On average, an event planner will cost you 10-20% of your budget for full-coordination services. As a result of the process of planning, a planner can also help you save money. Here’s how you do it.


The saying goes that time is money, and I fully agree with this statement. In your planning process, you might end up spending hours figuring something out and trying to do something that your planner could handle quickly. This will leave you free to focus on more important things. A lot of the planning can be fun, but some of the details are a major hassle. If you hire an expert, you won’t have to waste your time on parts that can be difficult to coordinate. As soon as the event manager has gathered all of these details, he or she will look into the best locations and spaces for the event. An event schedule can be developed that is flexible and reflects everything that needs to be done in a room. This can often be done by looking at a detailed floor plan. Maintaining building regulations while ensuring each and every guest has a good time, all of this is part of the task.


The best event management company makes sure the layout of the floor space is logical so that everything is cohesive. Additionally, they may work closely with vendors such as your caterer to ensure that everything from food selections to drink options are of the highest quality. As a result, you get to focus on the things that you do best and let them handle the rest.

Price comparisons

Any planner who has prior experience will know the going rate for any service related to your event or at least know the contacts to get that information. Do you want to take photos at the booth? How about a caterer? How about a production company? What about renting? Live painting? If you tell your planner what your ideal budget is and how much you can spend, they will generally tell you which of these you will get. The planner can determine if the quote you receive from any potential vendors falls within their range of normal prices. You will be able to avoid overpaying for any of the services you need with his or her help.

The right vendors

If you need help hiring a company to work your event, your planner can prevent you from making a costly mistake. There will be a list of vendors who are reliable and capable of providing the best level of service. There are new companies popping up all the time, so don’t you want to ensure that you hire someone who will actually show up? It can certainly be expensive to find a replacement at the last minute. An event manager will ensure that everything runs smoothly by directing traffic, answering questions, and coordinating everything. They will be present during the bump-in to make sure couriers and vendors are contacted in order to set things up in the correct locations.


An event planner will arrange decorations in an attractive manner at the appropriate time and place during the event planning process. The major suppliers will meet with each other, so there are no barriers between them. Everyone will still be able to accomplish everything they need to before the event takes place. Getting a professional event manager also means that they can work with you until the very last minute, so you can get all of your last-minute questions and concerns answered before the event begins.


Furthermore, they guarantee that everything gets packed, stored, cleaned, and organized after the event is over. You can relax knowing that you don’t have to worry about that detail. Having a coordinator and manager ensures that all the details are in one place and that the event runs smoothly. This is done to ensure that the vision is carried out to the full extent of their abilities. It is convenient and easy to have a manager on hand during an event. It’s also important for you to let them do what they do best so that you can focus on what’s best for you.

Cost-cutting measures

Your planner can help you determine where you can cut costs and where you should actually spend. As an example, you might be able to trim back on the decor pretty easily and DIY some pretty details, but you still need to make sure your audio-visual equipment will work. Event planners are considered to be expensive by most people. Due to the fact that they believe doing the planning themselves can save them money, they do it themselves.


Event planners are able to negotiate lower rates for venues/public address systems, however, so they can keep the future costs down in the long run. Corporate event planners often receive discounts from suppliers they would not otherwise be able to get because they have healthy relationships with them. It is even possible that they can help you save money with their help.

Discount for vendors

Oftentimes, your planner has a previous relationship with the vendors that you will use for your event, so she or he can negotiate a 10-20% discount from their regular price. While this may not apply in every situation, vendors will usually give their planner friends a little extra discount or service. This is because they can bring them new business again and again.

Hire an expert

An event planner is an excellent choice if you plan on hosting an event and wish to make it a huge success. This will save you time, money, and a lot of stress in the long run. Your investment will also make or break how successful your event is. The right investment will turn your event concept into a rave-worthy event that everyone will be raving about for years to come.


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